Technical Data


The values to be achieved for the respective liquid soil in the concrete project are determined on the basis of the local soil conditions and the constructional requirements of the respective construction site within the framework of the determination of the target values before the start of construction.These target values are maintained in the form of the respective liquid soil mix design within specified tolerance limits, whereby the quality of the implementation is assured by the second version of the Quality and Testing Specifications from 2010.(see: RAL-GZ 507). Example values of a liquid soil tested according to RAL-GZ 507 based on the soil classification according to DIN 18196 (of the source soil).

  • Bulk density: 1.6 -2.4 kg/dm³ (placement/final state largely identical) as defined here

  • Compressive strength according to DIN EN 18136 and depending on the respective soil between eg 0.1 to 0.3 for Soil Class 3 or up to 0.8 N/mm² for Soil Class 5 (depending on target value determination)

  • Solubility egaccording to DIN 18300:Soil Classes 3-5 or according to homogeneous areas

  • Ev2 value according to DIN 18134: after 28 d > 45 MN/m²

  • Water permeability according to DIN 18310:10-5 to 10-10 m/s (depending on target value determination)

  • Environmental and water harmlessness in accordance with the verification required by the RAL Quality Mark 507