RSS Flüssigboden/Liquid Soil

RSS Flüssigboden liquid soil

RSS Flüssigboden® is a mixture

basically made of soil, water, cement and so-called Compound. It is temporarily flowable and self-compacting. When placed it solidifies again and develops the same properties as the surrounding soil. No foreign bodies are generated, and the natural soil structure is not disturbed. If required, though, the final properties of the liquid soil can be modified in a targeted way.


RSS Flüssigboden® is environmentally friendly

as the excavated soils are re-used for the production of liquid soil, much less material must be disposed of. Furthermore, the liquid soil mixture is not environmentally hazardous. One particular field of application is the immobilisation of contaminated soils, so even these can be re-used as liquid soil instead of being disposed of without any danger to the environment or the groundwater.

RSS Flüssigboden® is versatile

RSS Flüssigboden® is used in civil engineering, mostly for underground construction works. To the present time there are more than 140 different applications – and more application possibilities are being developed.

Dünnschliff RSS Flüssigboden
Dünnschliff RSS Flüssigboden